Cloud-native ServiceNow and Datadog experts

Specializing in modern ITOM & DevOps ServiceNow delivery, and implementations and integrations for Datadog; our experienced team of SREs and DevOps engineers powerfully brings together these two ecosystems to drive better observability, availability, and deployment velocity across your organization.


ServiceNow and Datadog Implementations Made Simple

Datadog Accelerated

To truly accelerate DevOps change, you need best in class observability for your systems or without jeopardizing performance. We’re one of the first Datadog implementation partners around and helped launch the Datadog marketplace, so we know the platform inside and out. With our expertly-guided Datadog implementations, immersive on-site workshops and multi-week enterprise engagements, you gain endless visibility into your tech stack to prevent outages before they happen, improve reliability and availability, and deliver a better user experience to your customers.

ServiceNow Wizards

Our magic is in our expertise. Through our close partnership with the ServiceNow DevOps and ITOM R&D teams, we empower you to deliver a seamless developer experience on the ServiceNow platform. We serve as a trusted adviser and help you build a bridge between your developer and operations teams allowing you to go fast and go far, with much less risk. Our expert architects in-depth knowledge of modern ServiceGraph and CSDM technologies helps you build your AI Powered ServiceOps foundation for a successful transformation journey.


Business is moving at a breakneck pace. Our integrations help you keep up.


Battle-Tested. And Proven

In our work with Fortune 100 companies and businesses in highly regulated industries across hundreds of deployments, we’ve seen it all. The inefficiencies in the change process. The wait for approvals. The silos that prevent innovation from happening.

Our experienced team of SREs and DevOps engineers collaborates with industry-leading companies to change how their developer and operations teams collaborate so they can get products out to market faster. Technology should never stall change in your organization — it should accelerate it. As one of the leading ServiceNow DevOps, ITOM, and Datadog implementation partners, we make sure this happens.


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What Our Clients Say About Us

"The RapDev team is a major part of our success on the ServiceNow platform. Their knowledge and experience has helped us align our goals and deliver solutions that are important to us"

Director at a major US bank

RapDev has become one of our most trusted advisors in relations to all things DevOps. Their attention to detail and ability to stay on target has insured the success of all our ServiceNow DevOps tool integrations. As a trusted partner they worked with my teams to help define our overall DevOps tooling integration strategy.

Director at a major Canadian bank

They 'talk the talk and walk the walk'.  The RapDev team have had to on many occasions, through onsite workshops, convince some strong minded individuals on the benefits of the product, up to the company board level

Service Management Director at TomTom

"We loved partnering with RapDev to deliver critical capabilities for our client. They are credible, collaborative and incredibly knowledgeable in DataDog and were able to hit the ground running and immediately add value for our client! We look forward to many additional partnership opportunities going forward!"

Kate Parsons
Notch Above Consulting

"RapDev did an amazing job implementing our critical monitoring on Datadog, which has given us much better visibility to our mission critical application landscape. They also did a great job partnering with our team to ensure we had the skills to sustain and build additional capabilities internally. Overall the experience exceeded my expectations!"

Head of Monitoring

"Im sure you will do really well with the DevOps module, you guys know the stuff inside out."

Global Financial
Product Manager

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