Datadog Quickstart Workshop

Datadog has proven to be the leader in modern monitoring services for Cloud and on-prem infrastructure, with a platform that has out of the box monitoring for over 200 Cloud services. As a leader in AWS, GCP, and Azure monitoring, Datadog has become a must have platform for all Cloud based workloads.

To get the most out of your company’s infrastructure, you need an advanced monitoring solution, giving you a detailed view of all workloads. The leading choice in today’s environment is Datadog, whether your infrastructure is cloud-based or entirely on-prem.

The Datadog platform has out-of-the-box monitoring capabilities for over 200 cloud services. It is the go-to choice for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure workloads. It’s a must-have for your business.

How do you get the most out of Datadog?

To achieve the maximum return on investment from your Datadog implementation, you should focus on effectiveness. We have helped many customers adopt the Datadog platform to its fullest extent, delivering high-quality results.

Your experience with us is customized to fit your needs, and can range from a small get-started workshop to a multiple-phase deployment incorporating APM, logging and infrastructure monitoring. Whether you’re looking for quick monitoring wins or a multi-stage deployment that will cover a large volume of workloads, we can help.

What are our offerings?

The exact approach to Datadog implementations for your company depends on the types and amounts of infrastructure you’re running. You can leverage our team for quick or extended engagements, ensuring you get the most out of Datadog on a timeline that makes sense for you.

Quick-Start Workshop

This option includes a two-day on-site workshop. During this period your team will receive:

Assistance on the best practice implementation of the platform

Advice on tagging strategies

Advice on implementation of APM, Logging, or Infrastructure

Assistance with building custom checks, or agent checks

Assistance with using OOTB integrations to third party platforms such as MS Teams, ServiceNow, PagerDuty, and more

Advice on setting up dashboards and monitors

Advice on implementing WatchDog best practices

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